Are You The Only Conscious Being In The Universe

Kevin Owasu Itoe
4 min readNov 5, 2021

Feelings Of Solitude

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In life, there are endless problems.

One of such problems we create for ourselves is that of Loneliness.

We make ourselves feel isolated, unwanted and unwelcome.

Loneliness is a state of mind.

We are only exposed to our thoughts and feelings.

However, we have a talent to best guess others emotions and intentions.

Because we can only best guess how others feel and their intentions, we hold the fear they might be deceiving us.

Through having this fear we also tend not to fully disclose our thoughts and feelings to others.

These mind games create Loneliness, the feeling that you are the only conscious being in the universe.

All we have is this illusion of truly knowing others and ourselves.

We feel conscious but we do not know for sure if others are conscious.

Hence the theories of consciousness remain in the realms of pure speculation.

You can not know and will never truly know another person and no one can truly know you.

When Are You Less Lonely

  • In the presence of our Lord.

God sees it all and knows it all.

So you surrender or suspend your deceit to yourself and others.

No point pretending with God.

He always watches over us and knows our most secret selves.

And loves us regardless.

Only He knows our innermost fears and desires.

We feel safe in his presence and truly seek his protection and guidance.

With ourselves and others, we remain and always will be sceptical of feelings, thoughts and intentions.

This is not all bad but it does create the feeling of loneliness.

  • When in love, with family or in a community.

Love can be seen as an illusion of truly knowing someone aside from ourselves.

Kevin Owasu Itoe

Facilitator of self improvement, lifelong learning, and emotional literacy.